Our Barramundi

Pure, Fresh & Healthy

We leave nothing to chance in the rearing of Australia's premier saltwater barramundi. Our whole process, every input, is exactly tailored to meet our barramundi's requirements so we can exceed your expectations.

Our barramundi are from local stock, found naturally in the clear coastal water around our farm. It is through the precise management of the whole farming process from egg to dispatch, that we can ensure our fish are every bit as beautiful and vibrant as their neighbouring cousins on the Great Barrier Reef, and every bit as tasty.

  • Quality Australian Product
  • Award Winning
  • Market Fresh
  • Quality Control

Just like in the Wild

Brood stock Barramundi are housed in large tanks of saltwater where they are looked after by marine biologists 24 hours a day 365 days a year. “These breeding stocks are our pride and joy”.

These fish are cared for with delicate hands. They receive specialised food for their breeding cycle and clean sterilized water. Controlled lighting and temperature ensure they are happy enough to spawn naturally when they feel the urge. Just like in the wild, all Barramundi start their life as boys and have the opportunity to spawn and breed as a male. After a few years as a male they then naturally change the development of their gonads to become a female and later spawn as a girl.

“This unique process keeps us on our toes as we are never quite sure when our prized Bull may turn into a prize Heifer”.